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Albuplatin exhibited exceptional effects on survival of tumour-bearing mice compared to current clinical approved platinum-based therapy:

image_2021_03_04T09_06_46_333Z_rare (1).

Selection of Albuplatin acitivity experiments in vivo.

Why invest in Albuplatin?

  • The members of P4 Therapeutics combine interdisciplinary expertise in preclinical anticancer research with long-term experience in business development and represent a professional and highly motivated team.

  • Renowned pharmacologists with long-standing experience in designing clinical studies together with leading oncologists from the General Hospital (AKH) of Vienna will design and conduct preclinical and clinical trials.

  • Scale-up synthesis and method evaluations available.

  • Tolerability proofed by toxicity data in mice and rats.

  • Strong patent situation: P4 Therapeutics holds exclusive rights on the technology (Markush structure patent); Patent status granted in US, MEX and EU (2020); AUS, CHN, JPN, IND (expected in 2021); ISR, SGP, CAN (after 2021).


​P4 Therapeutics needs EUR 5.8 million to achieve break-even status in 2024.

These funds will be raised by milestone based investments as follows:

  • EUR 0.8 million from non-dilutive government grants and tax premiums completed

  • EUR 1.0 million from private equity funds raised in a planned Series A round to be completed by Q3/2021

  • EUR 4.0 million from private equity funds raised in a planned Series B round to be completed by Q1/2023

P4 Therapeutics offers the opportunity for an appealing investment case:

  • Investment of EUR 5.0 Mio based on an attractive company valuation

  • Expected significant leveraged by Austrian scientific research funds

  • Exponential value creation within a short time frame

  • Upside potential due to broad applicability of the technology

By 2024, on successful completion of its development milestones, P4 Therapeutics will offer its investors a multiple return opportunity by M&A or by out-licensing within the pharmaceutical industry.

Interested? Request our teaser deck here:



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